Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don't Miss Big Love on HBO Tonight

Fans of quality TV should be tuning in to HBO's Big Love on Sunday nights. The show has turned out to be one of the better series on the cable network. The writing is top-notch and the acting is superb. Look for stand-out performances from Grace Zabriskie (yay!), Chloe Sevigny, Harry Dean Stanton and Amanda Seyfried. The show is totally engrossing and the best thing on TV now that Mad Men is over until its third season.

If you think the polygamy angle is a gimmick you're missing the show's rich drama, deep backstory and fine character interaction. Really, all the best elements of serial story-telling are on display here.

HBO will probably never have another show as good as The Wire or The Sopranos. Many of their recent series have been uneven. (I like True Blood but the whole concept of that milieu falls apart if you think about it too much. Rome was good but rushed. John from Cincinnati had promise but no momentum. Carnivale always felt like a "make-it-up-as-you-go" network series.) But Big Love has been one of the cable network's most satisfying shows. The third season just began but it is not too late to start watching.

Really, do yourself a treat.


  1. Ah, you're so right. I've been watching and it isn't as good as Sopranos was. Rome was awesome but they crammed all that plot/history into the last season and I wish they'd done 3 seasons. Big Love is great, too...even though every single episode I want to shake Bill. So much wonderful acting. Don't forget the awesome Bruce Dern. He's hilarious. Oh, and Mary Kay Place--I LOVE watching her.

  2. You're right. Big love is hilarious show. I have seen all eps of this show and i have a big collection of the episodes of Big Love tv show and i always watch these eps.