Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Essential Wrapped In Plastic Now Available on Kindle!

A few people have asked if my book would be available as an ebook.  The answer is--yes!  The Essential Wrapped In Plastic is for sale on Amazon as a kindle ebook.

The great thing about the electronic version is that you can search the text (the book does not have an index).  Now you can look for terms, characters, and people you might want to reference.  So, if you were waiting to get the book in this version, now you can!

(Right now, the kindle version and the paper version of the book are not linked on the Amazon site, so you need to search for the title in the kindle section.  Hopefully, the two pages will be linked soon.)


  1. I love this book, I learned a lot, and it was great to see "Dreams of Deer Meadows" reprinted.

    The part about the critics' reaction to FWWM was fascinating, yet quite unbelievable. When the movie was released in France, Antoine de Baecque from Cahiers du Cinéma, big Lynch supporters, wrote in June 1992: (sorry if translation is poor)

    " How to expel the mystery of a film based on mystery per se? Such is the often pathetic experience to which David Lynch gives himself over, with an almost suicidal professional awareness".

  2. Thanks for the comments! I thought the piece on critical reaction to FWWM was important; many people today do not know how savagely attacked the film was upon release. Looks like the French critics were pretty brutal, too!

  3. I think only the magazine Positif, where Michel Chion works, had something positive to say about the film.