Monday, October 19, 2009

At Half-Price Books . . .

So I'm looking through the graphic novels and comics at Half-Price Books. Lots of stuff I don't want or don't like. Plenty of Marvel and DC compilations, most from the last few years or so.

I see a copy of Swamp Thing volume 1. I have that already. Hmm, volume three of Y The Last Man. Have that, too. There's a copy of Fun Home. Got that last week. Oh, is that a copy of Maus? It looks different from my copy at home. Maybe it's a first edition . . . . Why, it sure is. Hey, it's signed! ("For Brett" but oh well.) And there's a sketch by Art Spiegelman!!

It's mine! (And for only eight bucks!)

I love Half-Price Books.


  1. John, I’m now able to post here as “Anonymous.” Thanks.

    Hope you also enjoyed the Hitchcock take-off on Sunday’s “Simpsons.”

    Raymond M.

  2. Raymond,

    Thanks for the follow-up on the comments.

    Yes, The Simpsons was very good. The highlight was the Hitchcock parody, for sure.

  3. Just wanted to pipe in and say nice blog! Lynch, DFW, The Wire? Talk about mutual interests...

    I also have almost every issue of WiP back in my closet, what a great mag that was. Keep up the good work!

  4. Drew,

    Thanks for the comments; they are much appreciated. I haven't talked much about The Wire but I really should. That was an amazing show! (And thanks for the comments about WIP. Craig Miller and I had a great time writing it over the years.)