Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My LOST Questions (6 Questions for Season 6)

LOST has an abundance of unresolved questions in its complex and widely scattered narrative and with only one season left fans have to wonder if the show's writers can possibly answer them all. I don't expect them to; in fact, I don't really care about a number of LOST mysteries (i.e., "What are 'the numbers'?") but there a few questions I really want to see resolved: They include:

1) Who are the bodies in the cave? In season one Jack discovers two bodies--essentially skeletons--that may have been there for fifty years. Many people believe these are the bodies of Rose and Bernard, who stayed in 1977 and who may have died about the time of "The Incident." (The two stones--one black and one white--serve as a clue to their identity.) This is the best guess I've seen, but I'd like confirmation from the show.

2) What was the whole deal with Walt? The Others wanted him. He was supposed to be special (Michael's flashback and the Lost "mobisode" show he had some effect on birds). He appeared to Locke at the end of season 3 to help Locke regain his faith in the island. I must know more about why this kid was important.

3) Why/How did Ben get captured? In season 2, Ben is captured in one of Rousseau's traps. Did he get captured by accident or was it deliberate? What about the real Henry Gale and the balloon accident? I want to see this in flashback, please.

4) Where is Claire? Some say she is dead (she died in the explosion at her cabin). This sounds likely. I'm certain we'll get resolution to this question; it's too big to ignore.

5) The smoke monster--what the heck? We know a lot more about it, but not enough to explain why/how it scans people and kills some but not others. It spared Mr. Ecko (once) and Locke. There is evidence that it can take difference shapes/appearances. Certainly it was Ecko's brother, Yemi. Was it also Kate's horse? Or Walt when he appeared to Shannon?

6) What was Libby's real role in the story? Libby was with Hurley in the asylum. She gave Desmond the boat for his race. How or why did she become involved with these characters before the crash of Oceanic 815? I imagine she worked for Widmore, who had plenty of info about the island. Was Widmore employing Libby as his agent? We may never know. Cynthia Watros, who played Libby, has reportedly shown little interest in returning to the show and producer Damon Lindelof has indicated that he may abandon the Libby story if they can't get Watros back. That's too bad. Libby's role seemed significant and I would like this loose end to be tied up.

OK, six questions/topics. I have dozens more, but these will do for now. I hope season six of LOST can live up to the challenge of wrapping up the story!


  1. Apparently they've asked the actress who plays Libby to come back a few times and she's turned them down. No idea why.

  2. That must be why they recently confirmed that Libby is one of the things they're "done with".

    As for the others (no pun intended):
    -they keep on about those skeletons, saying they are crucial. They've also said that there's something else in the pilot/first season that "no one's ever caught on to".

    -Claire's back; it was in the news last week.

    -Walt and Rousseau have been the most problematic characters the show has produced. Esp. the latter- none of her business make sreal sense, especially post-season six, where we met her in deep flashback. There are a couple of things I'm willing to write off (as are the writers, I suspect) in service of the rest of the brilliant narrative they've put together...