Friday, March 6, 2009

Watchmen: First Thoughts

Well, I've seen Watchmen. Rather than bore your with a long review, I'll just make a few brief remarks. (Whether or not you're a Watchmen fan you undoubtedly know there are thousands of reviews of the film all over the web. My review is but a drop in the blogosphere ocean, so I'll make it short.)

I really liked it. I mean a lot. I won't say I loved it; there are parts that I think are too extreme (the graphic, gory violence was in the comic but never to the degree seen here). But there are other parts that were mesmerizing: the wonderful opening credits, the origin of Dr. Manhattan, Dan and Laurie eating dinner as seen through a window reflecting the lights of the city. Rorschach.

And the ending. I posted a month ago that might prefer the new ending to the flawed ending of the comic--and I do. I actually think that new ending (which I won't spoil) thematically fits with the rest of the story (particularly that of Dr. Manhattan). I think the ending respects the work. I think it was thought through by the director and screenwriters. I think it makes sense. And I think I am likely in a very small minority. But so be it.

I will likely write more about Watchmen in the future. But for now I am quite satisfied. It was a great movie experience.

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