Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am thrilled about the upcoming Twin Peaks episode of Psych.  I'm sure those few of you who still checking my blog have already seen the many cool photos from the episode online.  If not, head on over to Dugpa.com right now! 

I love that close-up shot Dana Ashbrook crying over the body; he really seems to be channeling Ray Wise there.  And while many people are commenting on how good Sherilyn Fenn looks, I'm thrilled to see Catherine Coulson back as "The Woman with Wood."  She's looking as good as ever!

The extended episode of Psych (complete with a Julee Cruise opening song) airs December 1.


  1. Whew! Lucky I checked your blog when I did.

    Does Craig know about this?

    Raymond M.

  2. I've never watched the show but I heart Twin Peaks. Thank you very much for the information. All I need to do now is watch all the episodes to catch up...am OCD like that.