Monday, October 6, 2014

A Day I Never Thought I'd See

By now, the world knows that Twin Peaks will return to television on Showtime in 2016. This is remarkable news.  Simple stunning.  I considered simply posting a blank entry here with a footnote that said, "I'm at a loss for words."  As I struggle for what to say here, I feel like I still am.

Twin Peaks was a life-changing event for me.  No other television program or movie had such a profound effect on my life.  The show put me on a path to get a Masters Degree in TV/Radio/Film from Southern Methodist University.  It also led me to a thirteen-year collaboration with Craig Miller in which we produced 75 issues of the magazine, Wrapped In Plastic.

In WIP, Craig and I wrote extensively about the series and film and we interviewed many of the actors and creative people involved with the Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me.  We felt like we were documenting an important piece of art.  I wish Craig were here to share in this wonderful news.  I know we would be planning to continue WIP in some way and to start writing again about the new show.  Sadly, a continuation of WIP as it used to be will probably not happen. 

That being said, I do plan to write about this new show in some capacity.  Perhaps I will simply blog about it here.  Or maybe I can find a way to resurrect WIP online.  I just don't know.  But something will happen. 

Like the rest of the Twin Peaks fan community, I am extremely happy right now.  What exciting times we have ahead of us! 

More to come . . . .


  1. John,
    Yes, I can't believe it. We have been waiting for this day for a long time. Been thinking of Craig today and his passion for the show, he would have loved this. You and Craig kept the spirit of Twin Peaks going for many years. Looking forward to the next chapter.
    David Milner
    Former Wrapped in Plastic
    Canadian Correspondent

  2. John,

    So glad you posted on this amazing day.

    Is there any way to get back issues of WIP?! Now seems like a great time to catch up on some of the issues I missed.


  3. Ben, you can order back issues on the website

  4. John, your voice is an important one and I look forward to your thoughts on what is to come.

  5. Ben and Laurent: The spectrum website is not active since Craig Miller's passing. Many back issues are available on eBay. I'm trying to make more available from me but it may take some time. Stay tuned.

    Jerry: Your voice is also extremely important. You've done a great service to Twin Peaks community. Thanks.

  6. Yeah, this year has been a wild ride! It seems like every few months there's a new revelation for Twin Peaks fans but nothing will top this. Glad to hear you're considering a return in some form. Hope we can discuss what the show's return means soon!

  7. John, are you sure ? Because I ordered yesterday back issues on your website (paypal paiement)

    1. Laurent, I'll look into it. Craig always handled orders from that site. It's possible someone from his family has taken it over. I will be in touch with them soon to find out the status of the site.

    2. Message from Craig's father :

      Please be advised that Craig Miller of Win-Mill Productions passed away suddenly in his sleep on November 7, 2012 and while his Website and PayPal are still there associated with his business everything has been on a hold mode pending termination. There has been no activity for almost a year until recently but now with the announcement that Twin Peaks will return to TV in 2016, the interest in the Wrapped in Plastic Magazine has people interested. Consequently, orders can be submitted and processed in the near future as before.

      I am Craig's father, administrator of the estate and have taken over Win-Mill Productions for handling the sale of back issues of magazines. For now and until things are back to normal with PayPal, magazines orders can be sent to: Estate of Craig Miller, P. O. Box 115, Arlington, TX 76004. Prices on Craig's Website will be honored.

      You can be assured that your orders will be filled within 10 days or your money returned. I loved my son and will honor him by being honest regarding all orders.

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  9. Hi John. I have been a great admirer of your work over the years, especially the Deer Meadow Dream Theory which I am a big proponent of!

    My name is Joe and I am the founder of the Bring Back Twin Peaks page and movement which had been going on the last three years, coincidentally coinciding with the behind the scenes secretive work of David Lynch and Mark Frost. My main admin James Woolley of England was a big subscriber to your work and Joel Bocko above is also an admin. We are one of the biggest growing Peaks/Lynch pages around.

    It would be an honor to have you contribute somehow to the page whether writing, blog, etc anything really. I know I speak for a few of the other admins as well who were huge into Wrapped In Plastic, when I say to be able to work with you while new Twin Peaks are going on would be something really incredible.

    I understand you probably have many things going on etc. But even if you ever had the slightest of time to contribute a piece once in a while or even just an opinion, it would be greatly appreciated and admired by our staff and the thousands of followers of the page around the world.

    Take care

    - Joe Powers